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Floral Emotions Ltd.

( formerly barlows florists ltd. of Laurel Nurseries, Hindley.

Code FC1/Colour

This is a luxury 4'6" (medium) coffin sized family cross.White bedded flowers sit on a pleated with a large rose/mixed flower spray and a smaller posy spray attactched near the base. This size is the most popular and is available with various ribbon and spray colours. For example, blue ribboned edge with yellow flower spray.

Small 3'6"   £100      Med 4'6"  (most popular)  £150          Lg 5'6"    £175

Code MFC/colour

Mixed family crosses available in a variety of colours as shown here.

Standard 4'6" coffin cross £125




























Code MFC/yellow & blue

Code VFC

This is a Victorian style family cross comprising of mixed flowers and greenery, naturally arranged. This tribute can be ordered in various colours of your choice.


Traditional family cross tributes

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Cathryn Barlow Floral Emotions Or Floral Emotions Ltd.

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